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About Corfu

World-renowned for its amazing beaches and cosmopolitan ambiance, Corfu is an idyllic island to the west of Greece and belongs to the Ionian Islands. This gorgeous island boasts not only natural beauty but also numerous sights of great cultural significance.

Most famous landmarks of Corfu are the old town centre and Pontikonissi Island, located in the area of Kanoni. Pontikonissi along with the Monastery of Panayia Vlacherna is the most photographed place within Corfu.

Visit Corfu and discover its beauties that have inspired even famous writers, such as Lawrence Durrell.

Useful Phones

Fire Services

P. Zafiropoulou Maraslis
Corfu Town

Emergency number: 199
T. (+30) 26610 24261
T. (+30) 26610 25859

General Hospital of Corfu

National Road of Paleokastritsa, Kontokali

Emergency number: 166
T. (+30) 2661 360400

Corfu Medi Help (Private Clinic)

Gouvia, Corfu

T. (+30) 26610 80087
F. (+30) 26610 80205

Alexandros Mastoras (Private Clinic)

T. (+30) 26610 22945-6-7
T. (+30) 26610 23284,
F. (+30) 26610 35535
Emergency. (+30) 26610 36044

Road Network in Corfu

The quality of road network in Corfu varies depending on the area you are in. For example roads near Mountain Pantokratoras or small villages are often extremely narrow. Newly-constructed roads in Corfu follow high standards concerning quality and safety but older ones are rarely widened and remain mostly unchanged.



Local currency is Euro (€).

Corfu Facts

Expanse of Corfu island: 580 Km²
Length: 65km
Coast surface: 217 km
Highest peak: 911m (Mt Pantokratoras)
Population: 111.975
Number of the towns: 209

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Todays Weather

Climate in Corfu

During the summer months, namely from June till August, temperatures are high, from 23 till 36 Celsius degrees and it doesn’t rain a lot. It is often very windy during these months as well.

We suggest that you avoid walking in Corfu town during the hottest hours of the day, while you are recommended to visit it during the evening or even at night.


Best time to visit Corfu

Undoubtedly, the best time to visit Corfu is during the summer since the temperature rises and people start enjoying sunbathing and swimming in the crystalline waters of Corfu.  In July and August beaches are packed every day and it is very hot while there is a slight decrease in the number of visitors in Corfu during the autumn and winter months.