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Rental Info


Before Reservation

1. Αre there any age restrictions when renting a car with Cars2Go?

The driver’s minimum age is specified in the rental agreement for each vehicle. Different car models have their own age restrictions. If you are under 23 years old, you will be required to pay for the “young driver” service.

2. What are your company’s driver’s license requirements for renting a car?

You are recommended to have an International Driver’s License along with your local driver’s license.

3. Am I allowed to choose any extra equipment during the reservation?

Yes, you have to reserve your desired extra equipment, such as GPS, child seats etc., during your reservation. Please note that you must pay for the extra equipment upon delivery.

4. Can I choose a certain car model and color from the car groups displayed on your website?

Yes, of course. You can choose a certain car model and color of your preferences upon arrival. Before reserving a car with us, please view the list with our available car models and colors in the “fleet” section.

5. What types of cars do you offer?

We offer the following car types:

  • Economy Cars
  • Compact Cars
  • Mid-size Cars
  • Standard Cars
  • Full-size (4 door) Cars
  • Premium Cars
  • Luxury Cars
  • Convertibles
  • SUVs
  • Mini-van (7&9 passengers)
  • JEEP
6. When selecting a model, what does “or similar” mean?

“Similar” means that our rental company may provide you with a vehicle of the same capacity and similar size in case of non-availability of the car you have chosen.

7. Are there only English-speaking employees at your rental company?

No, our employees can communicate with customers in Greek, English, German and Italian.

8. Am I allowed to drive a car rental outside the country or drop it off in another city?

No, either border crossing or driving our car rentals outside Corfu is strictly prohibited. Moreover, you are not allowed to drop our car rentals off in another city apart from Corfu.

9. Are there any discounts if I rent more than one car with your company?

Since we do offer the most competitive rates in the market, a further discount may not be possible. However, you can read our “offers and discounts” section and find the best deal for you or contact us for detailed information.

Payment Methods

1. Which cards do you accept for the payment of car rentals?

You can use credit and debit cards such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express. A card owned by the driver will be required at the time of receiving the car.

2. Can I pay with PayPal or Bank Transfer?

Yes, both payment methods are acceptable. You are required to have a credit card upon delivery of the car rental. In case of Bank Transfer you should contact us for the account details.

3. Can I pay in cash upon arrival?

Yes, you can pay in cash upon arrival. You are required to have a credit card upon delivery of the car rental.

Cancellation Policy/Modifications

1. Can I change my reservation?

Yes, you can make changes through the form. If you wish to change rental dates or vehicle class, then you are required to cancel your current booking and make a new one.

2. What happens if I have paid for the reservation and have not received any voucher yet?

Possible reasons may be:

Incorrect email address (you should contact us for assistance).

Selection of an “under inquiry” car (contact us for availability).

3. Are there any extra charges in case of cancellation?

Cancellation is offered for free in most offers. Please read the cancellation policy being included in the rental terms or contact us.

4. What happens in case of a flight delay?

Some slight delay is understandable. You should inform us about the number of your flight so that we can deliver your car even in case of a flight delay.

Deliveries & Drop-offs

1. What documents am I required to bring with upon delivery?

You must have your driver’s license, a credit card and your voucher.

2. Can I receive my car at the airport?

Yes, this is a 24/7 service. A staff member of our company will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall holding a card bearing your name. Your car will be at the Airport Car Park.

3. What is your policy concerning early or late return of car rentals?

There is not any refund in case of early return of car rentals. For late return of car rentals there may be extra charges and penalties. Generally, there are no extra charges for delayed returns of an hour.

4. Is a relative or friend allowed to receive my own car rental?

No, only the renter or the additional driver, being explicitly stated in the contract, is allowed to receive a car rental.

5. Can I receive a vehicle during the off-hours?

Yes, you can. Note that our car hire company will charge additional fees during the off-hours.

6. Can I return a vehicle at the airport?

Yes. You are kindly requested to bring the car rental at the airport car park belonging to our company and leave the keys in a box (box “for keys”).

During the rental period

1. Can I extend the rental period?

Yes, but you should contact us for extending your rental period.

2. Does your company pay for any fines received by the renter?

You should be aware of Greek regulations and laws. Any fines deriving from the violation of the Greek law are paid by the renter.

3. What am I obliged to do in case of accident or breakdown?

In case of breakdown you need to contact our local office as soon as possible. In case of an accident, you are required to report the accident to the police and keep contact information and necessary documents of the other party involving in the accident. When returning the car, you will need to fill out an incident report.